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At the request of the Florida Board of Education’s Teacher Certification Department, our company provides evaluations of foreign university level teaching experience.  Our evaluations will provide the following information:

1) If the institution where you taught is a (recognized) accredited degree-granting institution of higher education in the foreign country.

2) If the institution awards degrees that are equivalent at least to a bachelor's degree earned at a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the United States.

3) If the courses you taught at this institution were considered university-level courses for the students enrolled in them.

The cost for this evaluation is $150.00 and each extra evaluation report is $20.00. Please note that all fees are subject to change. Please download the Application for Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials (Download application) and for the professional services requested, check “Other” and write in Foreign University Level Teaching Experience.  Please make sure to include an official original letter (printed in the university stationery) verifying the information above, including if yours was a full-time or part-time teaching position and listing the courses you taught.  If this letter is not in English, our Translation Department can provide a certified English translation. (Translation Service)

While this evaluation was requested by the Florida Board of Education’s Teacher Certification Department, we would be pleased to provide this evaluation for other State Boards of Education as well.

Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.