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What is the difference between foreign credential evaluation and translation?


Foreign Credential Evaluations

Since the educational systems of countries vary greatly, comparing the educational level of individuals educated in different countries is complicated and requires specialized knowledge. The procedure used to make such a comparison is known as Foreign Credential Evaluation.


Foreign credential evaluation is the process of determining the U.S. academic equivalent of studies completed outside the United States. The process involves a thorough analysis of official academic credentials (diplomas; transcripts with courses, credits/hours, and grades; etc.) conducted by an expert evaluator. The evaluation process results in a final determination of equivalency which is issued in the form of a written Foreign Credential Evaluation Report.


Foreign Credential Translation

Translation of foreign educational credentials is often misunderstood as being the same as foreign credential evaluation, but they are two different processes. Translation is the process of rendering text in a different language. When the academic credentials being evaluated are issued in a language other than English, they must be translated into the English language first before they can be evaluated.

The cost of our Foreign Credential Evaluations is among the lowest of any recognized evaluation service, and we complete our non-rush evaluations in 10 business days. We also offer rush services for an additional fee. For specific fees and turnaround time, click on the service you are interested in.

Foreign Credential Evaluations

These evaluations are used for the purpose of high school, undergraduate, and graduate admissions, immigration, employment, and professional licensure, among others.


Our Translation Service offers fast, high quality and low cost translations from and into all major languages, in all fields. Just fax, e-mail, mail or bring your documents to our office for a free quote.

Institutional Reports

This service is generally requested by offices of Study Abroad and offices responsible for the articulation agreements with foreign institutions of higher education.

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